Does Money Make You Attractive?

This is one of those question which men have been preoccupied with since the dawn of civilization. And to tell the truth, the answer is not so complex: Yes. Money definitely makes you attractive. But there’s a catch – you have to be much more than a walking ATM to be viewed as an attractive man or an alpha male. Moreover, the importance of money becomes negligible when you understand the real reason for the link between wealth and attractiveness, and apply the stuff that creates attraction more than any amount of money can.

Does Money Really Matter?

Money has a critical significance in our lives. Money is the main reason we study for 20 years, work all day for decades and are technologically advanced (until recently, get married too). So yeah. Money really matters. But the more important question is how a man’s money affects woman behavior and attitude.

Money and Women

The connection between money and women goes back to the distant past, and continues to this day in slightly different ways. In the past, the role of women in most societies was to stay in the protected community and to care for the offspring together with friends. Men went out to collect food, farm, or hunt, depending on the period and region. This is perhaps how a vision has been fixed, that the strong man who’s an owner of many assets has the ability to support a woman (or women) and many children, who will survive and thrive properly.

The name of the game is security. Money certainly provides security and this is the main reason why it’s so closely linked to attraction, even today. A man with a fat purse can create a protected environment for his wife – like a house, full medical insurance and even bodyguards.

For the woman, who obviously enjoys these benefits, it means that the children she brings with him will be able to grow in safe conditions and survive. That’s why she is attracted to this man and has children with him. He will take care of them as he takes care of her, and thus a happy family is created.

It’s still unclear how much women’s attraction to rich men is biological or social. What is certain – attraction exists. This understanding leads us to another important question.

Do Women Only Care About Money?

Definitely not. Statistically speaking, of course. It’s not everything that an average girl wants in a man. As I’ve said, the number one thing women look for in their lives is security. So yeah, money is converted into security – but so are other things.

The alpha male exhibits an abundance of qualities that create an environment of affection, strength and protection for those dear to him. When a man is defined as “alpha”, his presence and actions powerfully affect women, even more than money. It may sound “too good to be true”, but that’s a reality. A man who uses his dominant character, charisma and humor, will affect most women around him.

True, there are women who only care about money. And that’s fine. I don’t look at them as bad women or anything like that – it’s just their prime preference for a partner. Just like a man that all he wants in his woman is big breasts. He doesn’t care about her personality, he doesn’t care about her face, even. If she has big breasts he’s happy. There’s no significant difference between these men and women. They are both obsessive about some detail in a partner. And indeed I (and probably you too) think it’s strange, incorrect – yet it’s their business.

Now, what’s the percentage of these women in the female population? Hard to say. There’s not, as far as I know, a study that checked just that. There are studies on men’s chances of success with women depending on the status they communicate.

An interesting one examined success rates in getting a phone number from women on the street, according to the prestige the men sat in. 6 handsome guys who have rotated between 3 types of vehicles: Audi A5 as the luxury car, Renault Megane as medium, Renault 5 Super Campus as the car of the poor. The results of the study showed that the “rich” managed to get a phone number in 23.3% of the tries, impressive. The “middle class” got in 12.8% of the tries, and the “poor” managed to get only 7.8% of the tries!

Group Car model Success rate
Rich Audi A5 23.3%
Middle class Renault Megane 12.8%
Poor Renault 5 Super Campus 7.8%

Before you are quick to conclude that a rich man is three times more likely than you to succeed with women, don’t forget that this study is far from modelling reality. The men in the study did not say another word except their fixed offer. In other words, these girls had no other parameters to measure the man in front of them, so in the absence of options, all that remained was the financial advantage. Here lies a very important point for you, especially if you’re not rich. The power of being an alpha male.

A luxury car does help attract women, but is this the whole story?

Do I Have to Be Rich to Get a Girlfriend?

Definitely not. Earlier I implied the idea that alpha males can be more successful with women than a rich man. This is true. Money is a source of security, but it has a great disadvantage – it can’t affect emotions.

People Will Remember What You Made Them Feel

To get a girlfriend without relying on money, you must speak to her emotion. As you probably guess from the nature of this blog, I don’t mean you tell her how a girl broke your heart in kindergarten. It’s not the kind of emotion I’m talking about.

Women have a strong attraction to dominant men, to alphas. Communication with such a man gives her butterflies in the stomach, ignites her enthusiasm and as a result, it’s carved in her brain well. I’ll give you an example that will illustrate how emotion is much more powerful than money.

Imagine that you’re in a period when you are poor and sad (not because you’re poor, just some kind of period). You live your life like that for a year or two, and one day a man arrives in a glamorous tuxedo, reminds you of the gentleman in Monopoly, and gives you a respectable sum of money that takes you out of poverty altogether. No more debts and you can live in relative comfort. It would be amazing, right? Now imagine the same situation, but in place of the rich mister who gives you money, you meet a guy your age and you two begin to connect with time. You find a special charm in him. He makes you laugh and you get a good feeling whenever he’s around.

End of story. Now, which of the two people has created the strongest emotional impression on you? Which one will you remember and it’ll bring a bigger smile on your face? What will be your answer in 5, 10, 20 years? The conclusion is clear: Whoever touched you emotionally, will truly have a place in your heart. That’s the person you really love. The first man? You have tremendous gratitude to him, you appreciate him in every sense – but you don’t love him.

Women React Emotionally to an Alpha Male

The sooner you let this principle sink into your mind, the easier it will be to shake off all the nonsense that the media, society and culture are flooding us with. If you manage to get into a girl’s heart, she’s yours. No amount of money will change that. Yes, there are girls whose heart is impenetrable without money, but:

  1. I believe that they make up a small portion of the population.
  2. Why should you enter a relationship with such a woman in the first place? Be glad it didn’t work out. You’ve been spared a lot of trouble.

If you’re already burning with the question “How do I become an alpha male who beats every fat wallet?”, You’re in the right place. This entire blog is intended to help you transform to an alpha and maintain this wonderful status.

And in the context of how to get a girlfriend, I really recommend you read my detailed article that deals with this exact subject, with zero dependence on money.

Money and Girlfriend in the Long Run

At the beginning of the relationship, dates tend to be on a relatively small scale, and money doesn’t (shouldn’t) become an issue if you play it smart:

  • Choose your usual, cheap place. Do you know those couples who have “their song”? “Their dance”? Then there’s also a thing called “the special place”. An area, a coffee place or a path that you and your girl love to go to on not-so-special occasions. Right from the beginning of the relationship, avoid expensive places regularly – this is obvious. From there, choose a place that you two like, that doesn’t cost a lot of money (or free) – and intend from the beginning of the relationship go there regularly.
    Call it “our place” or something similar. When you attach sentiments to a place certain, the girl will also want to be there more because of the emotional weight it has.
  • Creation over consumption. Organizing A birthday / Valentine’s Day / Anniversary can be a huge pain in your wallet if you turn to companies that do the thinking and organization for you.
    By creating an experience for both of you (a quiz, game, adventure, trip), you will not only save a lot of money in the long run, but also strengthen your connection through a more personal experience. An escape room is fun, indeed – but what if, say, you create your own Treasure Hunt game, with puzzles, missions and questions related to things that interest both of you and your private jokes. So much better.
  • You don’t need to pay all the time. There isn’t much to add here – there’s no real reason to pay for her constantly when you go out. You are a quality man and at-least equal to her. Being in your company is already a great gift (and if not, aspire it would be so). Why do you need to buy her presence every time you meet?

    Walking in a favorite place can be more fun than a meal at a fancy restaurant.

But what happens when the relationship progresses? Vacations abroad become a frequent thing, gifts become ‘bigger’ and more expensive and the cost of living together can also be a serious economic factor if you were living at your parents’ beforehand.

There’s no doubt that you need money for all of these, otherwise it’s very difficult, in most cases, to keep up the relationship. Most women want to go forward in life and not waste time by staggering. It’s very understandable, but don’t let it worry you too much, I have good news for you.

Why You Will Be Rich

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance that you will be wealthy, or at least well-off enough to have a woman, a home and a family. If you raise an eyebrow from what I say, this chance even grows.

A Man Who Cares

A huge share of the men in the world live on autopilot. They have no financial concern for the future, they do not ask themselves important questions (like those in this article), and just go with what fate throws at them. True, it’s not good to be tremendously worried too – and I don’t suggest so. I’m talking about extremism from the other side of the range. A blind faith that everything will be all right. A delusion that I know what there is to be known.

See, here you are different. You’ve actually sat down to searched for information about the connection between money and women, a girlfriend, a future with one and so on. Something most men would not do. They will not seek knowledge and will not grow, as a result. I look at a person like you, even without physically seeing you, and I know with certainty that if you sat down and bothered to read some material, learn and be more than you were a moment ago – you are on the winning side.

Human history proves time and time again – the one who responds in the most intelligent and logical manner, wins. Takes the loot. Half a millennium ago there was a belief that there’s another continent in the world that we haven’t yet discovered, today is the belief that you can become a better and stronger man, an alpha male, if you only learn and strive for it. A belief that most men do not have.

And here you are, sitting and reading articles on a blog in which a lot of answers are not an “immediate fix” – they require work and effort on your personality. And I honestly believe, no… I know this is the way – because awareness effort to improve is what worked for me and changed my life. You can definitely do the same.

Alpha Earns More Money

Since we have agreed that you are a serious guy, I’m sure you have already peeked at some other articles on the blog beyond this one. Being an alpha male is a huge subject. You will notice that a lot of articles relate to self development, being the best version of yourself and improving on a daily basis.

But what’s the connection between being alpha and wealth? You’re probably wondering: “Let’s say I make a change in my life, I’ll be an alpha male – when exactly does the money come?”. I’ll let you answer yourself:

Imagine an alpha you know. A dominant, strong, interesting man who always does as he sees fit without asking anyone’s permission. Put him in a business environment – for example, a job interview. You think the boss can take advantage of him? Manipulate him and close an exploitative employment contract with him? No. The character he projects simply won’t allow it. He insists to get what he deserves and does all it takes to achieve more in life. He’s not going to compromise. His work is not profitable enough? He’ll ask for a raise, he’ll study, get better and climb up the hierarchy, he’ll quit the job… anything, to never be on the losing side.

An alpha male will always try to win, and will not calm down until he gets what he wants. That’s why so many dominant men also “happen to be” rich, dating stunning girls, admired etc. That’s alpha for you. His life simply can’t be mediocre.

So I conclude cautiously that if you are already reading this, you have a good chance of becoming an alpha male who will tackle the world and make himself rich. All you need is knowledge, desire and perseverance. I provide the knowledge. The rest is up to you.


I began by answering the most basic question in the article: does money make you attractive? The answer is of course positive, but certainly not the end of the story. To be a truly attractive man (that is, to not be a walking wallet that’ll be replaced every time a bigger, fuller wallet passes by), money must be accompanied by the personality of an alpha, and that’s the main idea.

This means that even a man who isn’t rich can be very attractive and bring beautiful, quality girls into his life. I opened the subject in depth by talking about the importance of money; and why, throughout history, women have found so much interest in wealthy men.

I rejected the suggestion that women are only interested in money, except for a relatively small percentage of the population. I presented an interesting study on the initial benefit of rich men, and (unintuitive) conclusions that are drawn from it.

We went on to talk about the meaning of emotion in a woman’s world (and every human being, in fact), and I tried to prove, with the help of guided imagery, how strong, positive emotion is far more powerful than money. Even decades later. This logic was to show that women need emotions in their lives. If you are unable to satisfy this craving for emotions, money will not help you. If you can ignite the feeling that there’s an alpha male in front of her, she will be yours. No money would change that.

After we agreed that you can get a girlfriend without a problem even if you’re not rich, we could talk about techniques to make the relationship cost-effective. This way, at-least in the early years, you won’t have to spend large sums of money.

When the relationship progresses and your financial situation becomes critical for the success of the relationship – I urged you to think deeply about the concept of alpha male, and how changing your lifestyle can help you financially. When a man is dominant, strong, direct, authentic – his chances of success are much better than other people’s, in every area. Finances are definitely among them.

The alpha male isn’t willing to be on the losing side, ever. He’s in the constant aspiration to succeed, earn and achieve more. Competition calls him and he rises to the challenge. Such men almost never find themselves with no money. Success is as important to them as air to breath, and they will do everything to make it come a reality.

I urge you to make a wise choice and become that kind of man. You’ll learn, implement, improve – the girls and the money will find their way to you.

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