Dressed to Kill: Fashion and Style for Men

Throughout our lives, our mind has received many influences regarding the idea of ​​”how looks an alpha male” or “how a real man dresses”, especially by films, pop culture and influential figures in our environment. I’ve made a detailed review of clothes and accessories that are considered to be hot on men, items of clothing that aren’t perceived as such, small tips that improve your appearance big-time and a few words about the real importance of your style, and the danger which lies there.

Clothes that Always Look Great on Men

You’ll be glad to know that while writing this article, I took into account what many people and sources on the Internet forget when they talk about nice clothing: Fashions come and go.

So I tried to qualify only clothes that have survived the test of time and remained relevant, and clothes that have a good chance of staying in fashion for many years. Uncle Oria saves you time and money.

  1. Boots. Those just don’t want to get out of style. They look great on every man, depending of course on the rest of the clothes and especially the pants he wears. The beauty is that boots are good for both casual and special occasions. It just works. Boots have the ability to give each of your steps a strong presence, more than any type of shoe. A word of caution: Keep in mind that if you live in a hot climate, you’ll probably find yourself going through the year with shorts – and if you insist on wearing boots with those, you’ll simply look like a color-blind clown. Short pants and boots never go well together for men.
  2. Leather jacket. The specific style and other features change every few years, but a leather jacket (especially black) always stays in men’s fashion. If I started counting the number of strong men in the history of cinema wearing a black leather jacket, I wouldn’t finish. Back then, the Hurley Davidson riders also contributed much to the tough appearance of the jacket. The jacket has been burnt into our perception as a symbol of danger, fearlessness. Pretty alpha, if you ask me. I have a jacket, not even genuine leather, which I bought during a sale a long time ago since I didn’t have anything warm enough for the winter. I think it’s not as nice as other jackets, a bit torn, and doesn’t even fit perfectly (picture). But quite amazingly, this is the clothing item I’ve received the most compliments on to date (and I wear it only in the coldest parts of winter! Not bad), especially from girls. Definitely consider investing in a quality leather jacket, which will upgrade your appearance significantly.
  3. Jeans. The most obvious and necessary of all. But before you scroll down with a disappointed face, I’ll remind you that although jeans have existed for 150 years and haven’t lost popularity – not all jeans have been created equal. There are different types of jeans and fashion changes significantly every decade or so. Today, style is towards darker (less critical) and relatively tight (very critical) jeans. If you need an image of ​​jeans not in fashion today, imagine blue-sky jeans, with a width of at least 2 times the marketed jeans nowadays. In short: your father’s jeans. If buying jeans on the range of black, which really fit a lot of other clothes in many situations, doesn’t work for you – go for blue jeans. But please, note that these are slim-fit jeans. In most clothing stores that’s indeed what you are about to find. But in cheap stores, in the street-market and in overly courageous chain-stores you may encounter wide jeans. Avoid those and look for ones that will allow your butt to get the attention it deserves.
  4. Plain white / black shirt. The magic of simplicity. I assume that most of the shirts you have in the closet have different prints and captions on them – numbers of NBA players, funny phrases, abstract shapes or an album of some band you like. All of these create a load for the eyes when people look at your style as a whole. This is especially true if you wear any (non-plain) jacket over this shirt – another layer, another color, another texture… more mess. Plus, the problem with too many shirts like this, is color mismatch for the rest of your clothes, with an emphasis on pants and shoes. Here lies beauty of a simple white or black shirt: It gives a place for all the other things you wear –the jacket, the watch, even your haircut and smile. You can’t be wrong by wearing a plain white or black shirt. It goes with almost anything, and will always stay in fashion. Just choose the style that compliments you more – a T shirt or a V shirt, and buy some for your wardrobe in both white and black. By the way, they’re nearly always cheaper than shirts with prints on them.

Attractive Accessories for Men

All the little things we add to our look and make a huge impact. Plus, they are a great way to let people, and especially girls, begin conversation with you. Accessories are by nature unnecessary, which makes it a convenient conversation starter.

The thought process is like this: “Hey, this guy has a bracelet with a strange logo on it, if he chose to put it on, he must have something to say about it”, and conversation begins. Here’s a list of accessories that are perceived as very masculine, very attractive and always in fashion.

  1. Sunglasses. The accessory that shouts “high status” the most, in my opinion. You might argue that this title reserved for the watch, but I do not agree: In the world of cinema, sunglasses are known as the coolest thing ever, and this hasn’t changed at all in recent decades. But the thing that truly creates an aura of importance for a person who wears sunglasses, unlike a watch, is the fact that the organ with which you can best read a person, is blocked. The eyes are called “the window of the soul” because they convey so much information about our emotional state. Sometimes much more than we think. By wearing sunglasses, no one gets the right to know how you feel without getting permission. Think about world-class poker players. The vast majority wear sunglasses although the game takes place in a closed hall. This way, people automatically feel distance, respect and fear. It’s not necessarily good or appropriate for any situation – sunglasses can drive people away from you emotionally and not open up if they can’t get enough information from your face, especially during conversation. As for style, I don’t think there’s much room for error. Just go to a store with a variety of sunglasses and get what you like. There is only one “nope” with sunglasses today – no sports glasses. No person under the age of 50 likes them. So go get a pair, and by doing this, not only did you get yourself an excellent item that symbolizes high status – you also kept your eyes healthy.
  2. Watch. The classic way to communicate that you are a financially secure guy. Yes, it’s clear to everyone that today you can buy a beautiful watch for $ 2, but the effect it creates still exists in our social perception. In addition, a watch creates the illusion that your forearm is bigger than it really is, since it hides the connection between the radius bone and the carpal bones – the thinnest part of your arm. Unlike sunglasses, watches have a lot to do with style and color matching. That’s why I suggest you go for a silver metal watch by default. This style fits 100% of the situations in your life, and almost any type of casual clothing. This is without talking about how masculine a look it gives you.
  3. Leather wallet. Men have three main options when it comes to taking their money, documents and credit cards with them.
    A. Rigid fabric wallet.
    B. Leather wallet.
    C. The pocket in their trouser.
    Option C is disqualified because of discomfort. The fabric wallet does the job, but in terms of style it’s definitely less masculine and less indicative of high status. Go for a leather wallet, this is the standard for wallets these days and the situation will probably stay that way for a very long time (mostly because a lot of men’s clothing today is based on leather). If you have a conscientious issue with leather, you can definitely buy leather-like replacements and your style will suffer. A leather purse (preferably full) communicates a lot of financial power and even creates the impression of a well-organized person.
  4. Scarf. A scarf can be a great addition to your winter look. Its added advantage, beyond warming, is the ability to hide your neck. The reason it creates such a significant improvement in appearance is because winter clothing tends to inflate your upper body. If your neck is left bare, the illusion is that you have a thinner, more feminine neck than it really is. This is the point that many guys miss – a scarf can match the neck to the rest of the swollen look of winter clothing. This makes you instantly more proportionate overall. It’s a bit harder to fit a scarf in terms of style and color to the rest of your clothes, so my suggestion is that you buy a relatively thin scarf with a non-saturated color (relatively gray). So even if the color you choose for the scarf isn’t the best fit with certain clothes, it’s much less terrible, because its color is very subtle in the first place.

Clothes and Accessories that Should Be Avoided

Beyond knowing what is considered attractive in masculine outfit, one should also pay attention to things that are considered a serious sin:

  1. 3/4 pants. I admit, I did this. I wore those pants throughout all my teenage years. But let’s face it: 3/4 pants not fashionable. They probably never have been. It’s just considered really ugly for men, and I believe the reason is related to the fact that wide jeans are not really fashionable anymore. Today, everything should be tighter and in the case of shorts – also be above the knee.
  2. Sandals. The boy in me is unwilling to hear it (wow, I guess I did a lot of fashion sins in my youth), but sandals came out of fashion right after the fall of Rome. If you still insist on wearing sandals, at least don’t add socks to the whole story. That’s just an active attempt to dress extremely bad.
  3. Thick, long socks. I’m not talking about the time you’re working-out or trekking – in this case, long, thick socks are exactly what you need from a hygienic point of view and to avoid scratches (and it also looks good with sneakers). But when you wear something more elegant, like shorts, you’d better wear light, short socks (with light shoes). Otherwise you’ll just ruin the whole light summer look with two white fur balls wrapped around your ankles.

Alpha Male Grooming

Luckily for us, men’s grooming is not as strange and weird as clothing. In fact, grooming for men is quite intuitive in terms of what’s needed. Here’s a simple list to help you in case you unknowingly forget to do something:

  • Cut, clean nails in hands and feet.
  • Hair removal in less conventional spots: nose, ears, neck, and yes – also down there.
  • Regular cleaning of facial skin. Do not give pimples a chance.
  • Clean teeth. I’m not blaming you for not brushing. It’s just that after a period of time, tooth stains accumulate – visit your hygienist and take care of this.

What Ruins Your Style?

Here I want to touch on all the little slips that can take an excellent style and destroy it completely. Not the nicest thing, especially if you’re trying hard to look a million dollars.

  1. Shirt and pants of the same color. No matter what color it is, or what kind of pants. A torso and a lower body in the same color is simply awful. You must have some contrast between these two parts of your body. If you are not sure which colors work with each other, just wear a white shirt. This way, as long as your pants aren’t white, you can’t go wrong.
  2. Muffin syndrome. The thing that happens to most men after a while with a buttoned shirt inside their pants. A little hand movement and immediately the sides of the shirt come out and you look like an upside-down muffin. That’s how the tidy look you try to have with a buttoned shirt was destroyed. A possible solution to the muffin syndrome is to buy and wear slim-fit buttoned shirts. The sides of these shirts are significantly shorter than the front and back. So if the shirt comes out of the pants, the muffin won’t be wide and it won’t be noticed. Demo on Myself: (Image). If you want to achieve perfection and neutralize any chance of your shirt escaping from your pants, there’s a great product for it.
  3. Bent collar. If your shirt isn’t wrinkled in style, there’s no reason to destroy its beauty with a collar that’s not as straight as an airplane’s wings. If it looks as though the collar in your shirt didn’t get water and sun for a year, give it some serious ironing. You’ll look much sharper and it only takes a few moments.
  4. Strong colors. You want to aim for clothes whose colors are unsaturated. That is, instead of a green shirt, for example, you will take a green-gray shirt, instead of blue pants, take a blue-gray, and so on. It’s one of those male fashion trend that I really love in terms of style. For me, strong, saturated colors are immediately linked (and I’m sure that’s true for you as well) to programs for toddlers on television. It’s loud, it hurts the eyes, and it turns smart color combinations into an impossible mission. With grayish clothing we can create more diverse combinations and it’s a lot more pleasing to the eye. It also compensates for unsuccessful combinations of colors, because the trousers are not absolutely green, and the shirt is not absolutely red. Both are somewhere on the grayish scale and combining them becomes much more bearable.
  5. Bad posture. People become more and more slouched, their backs lose their natural S and take the form of r. Regular use of computers and phones, along with less physical activity, contribute to this position. Now get this: You can dress perfectly, but if your posture is bad, slouched, unhealthy – you look bad. End of story. Start bringing this into you consciousness. Correct yourself when you see yourself in a mirror and stand straight until it becomes your default posture. Train your lower back (I assume you work-out regularly). This is much more important than anything I’ve mentioned so far and will probably make the biggest change in your appearance.

Why Everything You Just Read Could Be Useless

Thank God, I can finally stop talking about fashion. Now we can talk about what really matters to men. Look, my friend, bottom line – your overall attractiveness level will not be greatly affected by what you wear. As long as we’re talking about the reasonable norm, of course.

So the Things I Read Here Aren’t True?

Everything I wrote in this article is true. There is fashion, it has relatively clear rules, and I presented you the most central and important ones concerning men. My problem is that this is a dangerous trap that anyone can fall into.

The Danger of Fashion to an Alpha Man

Being alpha is expressed in many ways. Externally too, no doubt. But there are two dangers here that are very easy to fall into:

  1. Obsessiveness and insecurity in your style.
  2. Using style as a distraction for internal weaknesses.

As a man you really don’t want to fall into the trap of fashion. You must understand, fashion not only changes constantly – it’s also not absolute. These are two elements that can be a serious obstacle to a man who decides to be fashionable. He can go and buy clothes that are considered the most fashionable, until another person comes and tells him the opposite. Who is right? Nobody. This is fashion. It has no objective meaning and there’s no right or wrong here.

Now, if this guy has put some hopes on this outfit and his style, he’s going to feel bad / insecure about wearing those clothes. Even if he says to himself: “Nah, it’s just one person’s opinion”, there’s still a very good chance that it’ll occupy him, and it’ll affect how comfortable he feels in his own skin.

The obvious conclusion is: Do not give real importance to how much some cloth or accessory is fashionable or not. You think the shirt is nice? Excellent. It’s a good enough reason to wear it, really.

That’s why I felt such a big relief to finish the part in which I talk about clothing, style, accessories and fashion in general. I felt that the danger here to your manly vibe, the danger to your alpha mindset, is significantly greater than the potential gain of dressing well.

But on the other hand, I still chose to give you the best information about men’s fashion, hoping you’d get the knowledge you wanted, and still read on until the more important part of the article, this part.

It is very important to me that, first and foremost, you’ll understand your place as an alpha male from the inside. Feeling alpha and want to dress up for this? Awesome, go for it. But if a person thinks that a particular color combination or a Rolex watch will make him more alpha, or at least more attractive – That’s a load of baloney. I’m not stupid, certainly style can give him some advantage at the beginning of interactions with people. and it has even been confirmed quite a few times.

Still, a man can’t expect his clothes to take him far when he himself doesn’t think, speak and act like an alpha male. Everything such a man builds with a fashionable wardrobe is a disappointment to people (and especially to women) who will enjoy interact with him for no more than 10 seconds.

Unfortunately, we see men like this everywhere. Men who gave a lot more thought to choosing shoes this morning than to working on their character. I’m sure you’ve sometimes heard women talk badly about fashionable men, for example, that the fact that a man is interested in fashion is a serious turnoff. It’s hard to blame them. But it’s not that fashionable men are problematic. After all, males in the animal kingdom are mostly the more colorful and visually impressive of the two sexes. It’s just that those women have encountered this type of men: impressive on the outside, beta on the inside. That is not a man to them. And they are right.

What Can Be Done?

The conclusion is quite simple: First of all, be an alpha male from the inside, then start worrying (if at all) about how much you obey fashion. Actually, the very act of dealing with what fashion is now dictating and performing like a good boy is a bit un-alpha in my opinion.

I like to be a bit fashionable, especially when it’s convenient (weather, one-time purchases, etc.). But I’ve noticed that it’s a slippery slope. Suddenly, I didn’t have enough shoes in certain colors and styles to suit certain clothes. These are “issues” that have come to my awareness because I started to care about fashion. It didn’t bother me before at all. This in itself is supposed to turn on some alertness. I found myself buying more and more pairs of shoes and jeans that would fit the colors of one another, and dressing up became more and more demanding and tedious. And the worst part – there was always something imperfect (unsurprisingly), and I would go out with a sense of miss.

My advice to you as a man, my friend, is to put fashion at the bottom of your priorities, on the way to being a stronger, more successful man. Make fashion an advisor, not a master. With the right attitude and the right actions, nothing will hold you from achieving your goals – financial, emotional and even social. Certainly not a bent collar or a buttoned shirt that’s a bit out of your pants.


If you already feel like alpha, acting as one, a real man who wants to be more imaginative with his looks in order to reinforce his existing results – excellent. I presented you at the beginning of the article some basic clothes that will always be in fashion for men and communicate power and dominance.

I also touched on accessories that make good clothing perfect. Then I added some tips on grooming and hygiene.

We ended with the positive side and I listed some trend-sins for men. From ugly clothes to small slips that make a big difference.

Finally, the most important part of your fashion, your masculinity and the danger of combining the two. There’s a low degree of contradiction between being fashionable and being alpha. Where’s the line? Things that do you good because you love them and want to strengthen your appearance, in contrast to things you do because it is fashion only.

In other words, treat fashion an option rather than a necessity. It was important for me to remind you that fashion is negligible in the general view of your masculinity, and how easy it is to think that clothing and grooming will fix everything if you buy those shoes that really fit your pants. A kind of aesthetic obsession that doesn’t know an end (you can see it happening all the time with most women).

I hope you find a perfect balance in this area. Being an alpha male who dresses well is amazing. Still, do your best to be that alpha male first and foremost – and you’ll enjoy both worlds.

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