Am I a Beta Male? 16 Beta Signs and How to Fix Them

In order to spot what you need to improve on to become an alpha male, it’s important that you understand key weaknesses in your life and attitude.

Regarding the question “Am I a beta male?”, it’s hard to give a definite answer. As with any problem, there are symptoms. That’s why I want to introduce the major ones and leave you the final verdict whether you’re a beta or not. In addition to these signs, I also dedicating a brief section to guide you on how to correct the situation and return to the alpha track.

1. You Put Others Before Yourself

It’s hard for you to set boundaries and say “no” to anything you don’t like. The need to please and be loved tops your personal good. Most of the time in such cases the excuse is that you don’t want to be rude or inconsiderate. This is not the real reason.

The most important thing to a people-pleaser is to maintain good relationships (at all costs) with his environment, so that he’d be able to use their help or get support when necessary. On the surface, it sounds fine and reasonable, but what does it say about the man, if he’s willing to sacrifice his own good to please others? The instant word that jumps to our mind is “desperate“. And that’s the truth. Remember that there are two types of transactions between people:

  1. Win-Win.
  2. Win-Lose.

No need to talk about the first because obviously this is a worthwhile deal. The second, on the other hand, is problematic and seen frequently in everyday life. Friends, family, girls, commercials and salespeople try to influence you to do things that will make them profit (money, sex, honor, or some psychological need), yet give you nothing, or even hurt you.

Most people, both alpha and beta, are able to distinguish between a profitable deal and a bad one, in most cases. The difficulty of refusing a bad deal, however, is a beta characteristic.

For example, an acquaintance on Facebook asks you to help him move out, without mentioning giving anything in return. A beta male sees things like this:

  • “It isn’t nice to refuse like that”
  • “Maybe he will pay me eventually”
  • “Maybe we’ll become good friends”
  • “Maybe I’ll need him in the future”

And many more. Finally he agrees, even though he feels it’s unfair to him. In contrast, an alpha male acknowledges the problem in this request: “My time will probably go down the drain”, and politely refuses. You have to get out of the desperate beta worldview.

How to Fix

A man must know how to refuse assertively to proposals that don’t serve him properly. If this means that the other person will be hurt (unlikely, with the right approach), too bad then. An alpha male takes care of his environment, but doesn’t take responsibility for their feelings and responses.

You have to realize that people will always contact you with many different offers, and as long as you don’t clearly see the good that will come out of this offer – it’s likely a bad deal. Only fools (and beta) agree to such a deal. Refuse politely. If you really want to give it a chance, ask what you’ll get in return. It’s sometimes considered rude, but basically just fair to you.

2. You’re an Introvert

Alpha is a social person. No matter how you slice it. In order to gain a socially high status, a man must have great interpersonal abilities – which is impossible when you don’t enjoy or feel comfortable in social situations.

I will exaggerate and say that this is a sort of disability (and I apologize if I hurt people who label themselves as introverts), since our survival and prosperity as a species relied on cooperation and communication ever since. An alpha male is necessarily an extrovert.

How to Fix

First you have to understand that being an extrovert doesn’t mean being a loud person or a party animal. We’re not dealing with an extreme – he doesn’t have to seek attention and noisy environment nonstop.

However, he certainly has no aversion to social gatherings, and he prefers to be in a human environment rather than entirely alone (or with an animal). Although I’m very extroverted, I still definitely love quietness and need “time to myself” occasionally.

When you let get in your head that the need for company isn’t only legitimate but also healthy and needed, you will disconnect from the introvert label and start making efforts to improve your interpersonal communication. It will also come to you naturally, because over time you will love social gatherings and interpersonal interactions more and more. It’s known that people get better at things they love. I expand on the interpersonal communication issue in my article on how to talk to girls like an alpha male – even if you’re shy.

3. You Worry About People’s Opinions

The need for external approval is found in many people. The situation is even worse today with the obsessive preoccupation with social media. The main reason why men are so worried about what people might think of them is dependence.

A beta tends to give too much importance to the opinions of others.

In the mind of a beta male, being perceived in a positive light by society means protection and assistance when needed. Not only is this a naive and defeatist thought, it’s also terribly restrictive.

A man who’s constantly wary of the reactions of others can’t realize his full potential. I’m not exaggerating here. To succeed in almost any field you sometimes need to give zero f****. Otherwise you’ll never dare to do something big or unusual enough.

For example, if your boss offers you a serious promotion if you record video-guides with you as the presenter, which he will publish in all branches of the company, YouTube advertisements, and in social media. Many men will not feel comfortable with such a task because of the gossip, reactions, thoughts and giggles of other people (especially those who know them) – and will miss a wonderful opportunity. The alpha male doesn’t think in those terms at all. He sees an opportunity – and takes it.

How to Fix

As I see it, the more a man minimizes the importance of external opinion, the better. This is one of those few cases that extremity won’t hurt, only reinforce the positive effect. Here are a few points to think about that’ll help you get out of the dependence on other people’s opinions.

  • Nobody cares. This is perhaps the most important fact. People really don’t care about you as much as you think. We are used to seeing the world from our own eyes, and to us – we are the most important thing in the world. This is why we have a tendency to reflect on the way other people think, and assume they think a lot about us too.
    Don’t fall into this illusion. People have enough of their own issues in life to deal with. Your life and decisions are very minor to them, if anything. At the end of the day, everyone cares about himself first of foremost. And since everyone, and I mean everyone, has problems in life, you can be absolutely sure you’re not their center of attention. Live your life.
  • You can’t please everyone. Even if you do try to eat the cake and leave it whole – that is, pursuing your desires while trying to satisfy the opinions of people, you’ll never succeed.
    Society doesn’t have a unified clear opinion. It consists of all kinds of beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. You can never please everyone, and trying is a waste of time in the first place.
  • Your freedom is more important. I’m sure you agree with this statement. Now ask yourself why you’re not loyal to it in your life. If the freedom to behave and speak as you please are above the opinions of society – start implementing.
  • It feels awesome. It’s important to note that when you truly put your freedom before public opinion, you will immediately feel a relief. It will give you emotional freedom which will wake an appetite for more freedom. You will seek conformist behaviors in yourself and correct them, it will become almost like a hobby.

Your freedom is way more important than the nonsense society has to say.

4. People Talk over You

If you find yourself regularly interrupted by people, you might think twice about your status in this group. Words of a beta male are of some importance, but they are no more valuable than words of other beta – that is, most men.

That’s why they feel it’s okay to interrupt you mid-sentence. This almost never happens to an alpha male. When he speaks, people listen and give him the time and respect to finish his speech as he intends.

How to Fix

Status isn’t the only factor of the honor you receive during a conversation. The content of your speech can make a huge difference not only to the attitude you get in the conversation but also to your social status.

  • Value. Do you give or take in your speech? If you tell people a story whose moral is “I’m so amazing” – you haven’t added any value to the conversation and to the people who listened. You betrayed their trust a little, because they gave you their time and attention, and you gave nothing in return, only took. You could give them laughter, emotion, identification, information, wonder – and instead, taken respect from them by praising yourself. Is this a fair return to the time they’ve voluntarily given you? No.
    It’s the kind of thing people don’t talk about but do feel. You want to share something and don’t know what the added value is? Just make it funny. This way you get to say what’s on your mind and they get to laugh in return for their time and listening.
  • Tonality. Even if it’s the most interesting and intriguing story ever, monotony in voice is boring as hell. Every few moments try to change the way you express things. Varied emotions are the key. Sometimes communicate anger, sometimes lightness, etc. It’s much more pleasant to listen to a story that takes turns, even if it’s not part of the plot.
  • Volume. Pretty obvious, right? If you want to have a presence, you need to speak out loud. People feel uncomfortable talking over a person who speaks loudly. Not very surprising – it requires more vocal energy, and it’s perceived as more rude.
    Speak out loud. Our natural feeling is that we speak loud enough, but often this is not the case.

By the way, improving all of these areas will make you seem like a man with higher self-confidence. People aren’t used to hearing interesting things, in varying tonality and loud, clear voice from a man. This is a wonderful opportunity to stand out in the crowd and impress those around you.

5. You’re in The Friendzone

When it comes to attractive and dominant men, girls tend to label them in one of two ways:

  1. Potential mate.
  2. Completely uninteresting.

While with beta males, there’s a third option, and women label them as such by “putting” them in The Friendzone. The position of the good friend. A terrible role in which the man provides support, listening, financial benefits and most of all – desperate attraction to the girl. The man, of course, doesn’t get to sleep with her as he expects from his efforts, and becomes, well… a sucker.

The reason why alpha males never enter this situation is simple: No dominant man will invest time and effort in a girl who doesn’t return a fair value in the long term. Women understand this situation and spot such men quickly. Hence the great dichotomy between zero interest and tremendous attraction to the alpha.

The beta is somewhere in the middle, he will agree to this bad deal. Accordingly, he’ll receive the most minimal value possible from the girl in return. One that will still keep the benefits from the beta, but won’t require any effort, sacrifice or physical contact on her part. She will then continue to seek the man of her dreams while being treated as a goddess by beta males.

How to Fix

You might get the impression that I blame women in the situation, but no. Men who make bad deals are the only culprits. Criminals against themselves.

As I mentioned above in the article, the world will offer us countless bad deals. It’s our job to examine them and refuse. A man who enters (and remains) in The Friendzone is the one who has brought and brings himself to such a miserable situation.

It’s hard to answer the question “How to get out of The Friendzone” or even “How to avoid The Friendzone” in a single paragraph (I have a whole guide dedicated to escaping The Friendzone). I will say that the best way is to become an alpha male. An attractive, fun and dominant man may not get every girl – but never enters The Friendzone. To know how to become an alpha male, my entire blog is available to you.

6. You Don’t Realize Clear Goals and Aspirations

You can spot a beta easily by his plans for the future. If he’s not looking for ways to improve his status (social, financial, academic, professional, etc.), he remains where he is.

A beta hopes things will be done for him.

The reason is the belief that many men have. That it’s “not their fault.” It isn’t necessarily wrong, but it leads to defeatist perception. A man who seeks to be cleansed of guilt, also seeks to be rid of responsibility – and becomes passive in his worldview.

A beta usually feels that things are enough in his less-than-medium situation. Of course he’d like to have or be more – but he can’t bring himself to dream, to strive and do something to improve his situation.

How to Fix

Alpha tends to see things differently: he’s not particularly interested in who’s to blame, but rather what he can do to correct the situation – to improve his status. He takes full responsibility for his life, meaning that no excuses remain. He can’t blame his friends, family, children, government, economy or God in his condition. He must, then, take action and move on.

With such a worldview, is it any wonder that dominant men have great ambitions? Is it any wonder that they’re busy realizing them instead of crying over their bitter fate?

Have an active attitude towards your life. Understand that you have the power to change many things for the better – and the transformation from beta to alpha is certainly one of them.

7. You Laugh More Than You Make People Laugh

Generally speaking, people who are appreciated and admired seem funnier to us. We tend to laugh more in their presence. If most of the time you find yourself laughing from other people’s jokes, and not the other way around – you’re probably one of the beta guys in the group. Dominant men get more respect and affection when they speak, and that includes jokes.

How to Fix

If you don’t bother to be funny in the first place, I suggest you begin now. Because it’s a great quality that will move you forward in life (professionally, mentally), and also because you can create a more positive atmosphere by using humor. This means you add value to the group – a quality that’s associated with being alpha.

Now, if you’re already trying to be funny and not getting the responses you want, try exploring the kind of humor that suits you – without being a clown.

In addition, you can strengthen your personal friendships in the group. That means going solo with a friend occasionally and maintaining your relationship. This gives them willingness to respond favorably to what you say in the group – because you and these friends feel a higher emotional synchrony thanks to the time you spent with each of them.

8. You Prefer Others Deciding for You

Make decisions alone is scary. The reason it’s so intimidating is that there’s no one to blame if something goes wrong. It’s much more convenient to follow orders from above, and if there’s a problem – you’re not stupid one.

Of course it’s an idiotic thought. Focusing on “who is to blame” instead of fixing the problem is unproductive and immature. Still, it’s the emotion that runs the beta male in any situation where he must make a big decision. Examples of such decisions are:

  • Should I go get a degree?
  • Which academic institution should I sign to?
  • Should I move out?
  • Should I fly to this big trip?
  • Should I quit my job?

When a person becomes dependent guidance from someone else, the resolution of the dilemmas gradually diminishes. If you feel anxiety or mental distress when you have to make a certain decision, and the only way to release that pressure is to let someone else decide for you – it’s a sign of you being a beta.

How to Fix

The best way to stop laying responsibility is to understand some simple facts of reality:

  • Nobody wants your best as much as you. Yes, your parents, friends and spouse love you and want you to be well. Still, they love themselves more. The sooner you accept this fact, the better. Everyone has interests.
    True, not all the people you know will lead you astray to promote their interests, and some will really offer what they think is best for you. But let’s be frank – no one will sit for hours on end wondering, examining countless possibilities, making a table of advantages and disadvantages, etc. Only you care enough to make the effort and analyze what’s best for you.
  • Nobody knows you as much as you. Another simple truth that you should remember. Anyone who advises you or decides in your place, ultimately looks at the subject from his / her personal perspective. People examine your situation (sometimes not even that) from a private perspective on themselves. They don’t not know who you really are, what your feelings are in certain situations, how you react to changes and countless other parameters – as much as you do.
    Never let your decisions be made by people who know less about a subject than you. Especially when the subject is yourself.

In the vast majority of cases, you are the most loyal, oldest and understanding adviser of yourself. Remember this and it’ll be easier for you to approach the difficult questions in your life and answer them on your own. External advice is always good, of course. As long as it remains a suggestion, nothing more.

9. You Have No Self-Discipline

Your ability to commit and adhere is a critical measure of how alpha you are. A man who makes promises and doesn’t keep them is a man that society doesn’t feel safe labeling as high status. They don’t see him as someone who will protect them and help them, because he simply can’t be completely trusted.

A man’s word has weight. This is a definite difference between alpha and beta. While we are polite and don’t protest when a person doesn’t stand up to his word (“he doesn’t owe me anything…”), people do remember statements and promises well – especially when they mean something to them. Over time they develop mistrust, and lose appreciation for men whose word isn’t worth much.

And I didn’t even say a thing about the meaning of self-discipline in your personal life! Not keeping promises to yourself is a mortal blow to your achievements. Here are examples of promises most men don’t keep:

  • I will start a diet and lose 12 kg in half a year.
  • I will limit social media for half an hour a day.
  • I will work every night on my business.
  • I will read an entire book every week.

As you can see, discipline is the tool to achieve these goals and countless others.

How to Fix

You know how in video games you have a mana bar, and as you use your special abilities and the game progresses, it gets longer? Same for discipline. It’s important to realize that discipline is a limited resource in our daily lives, and that it’s possible to increase the capacity of our discipline every day.

To do so, you must maintain a consistent daily routine of setting and meeting goals. There are all kinds of techniques for preserving and improving discipline, which I expand on in the article on daily alpha male routine.

One of the main principles is gradation of the difficulty level. If your ultimate goal is, say, to read an entire book every week – you can start with reading a single page every evening at a certain hour. After a week of successes, make it 2 pages every evening. After a week, 4 pages. Then 8, 16, 32… Up to the point where finishing a book every week becomes a routine for you.

The logic of gradation and many other principles (read my full article – you lack discipline and I have to nag you, don’t be lazy) is also true for any kind of achievement in the life of an alpha male.

10. You’re Physically Weak

The classic and most recognizable image of an alpha male is a muscular, tall man. In the modern world, muscles have lost importance to other traits; but since our brain still processes the world in terms of survival and reproduction, physical power and muscles affect how society perceives you as a man.

Usually, a beta tend to be physically weak – very thin or fat.

You can see the emotional (and not quite logical) responses in yourself, too: Your attitude to a violent threat from a short, skinny man will be negligible compared to a threat of a tall, muscular man – even though, nowadays, they have almost the same level of deadliness! Here is evidence that muscles do matter, at least psychologically.

One can safely say that a man without an impressive muscle mass will be perceived as less alpha.

How to Fix

The answer here is quite obvious: Go exercise. It’s advisable to exercise at a gym since there’s an advantage there in increasing your muscle mass. Unlike running or ball games.

If you still feel that it’s unnecessary for you, I can agree. I’ve seen in my life attractive and dominant men who never got close to lifting a weight. Still, I strongly recommend you to get stronger and work on your body. Read more about the importance of bodybuilding for alpha.

The health benefits and discipline derived from regular exercise and good nutrition help to create an alpha male lifestyle. Don’t miss this opportunity, especially if you’re still young and have the potential to increase muscle mass relatively easily.

11. You’re Very Emotionally Gentle

Let’s distinguish between a sensitive person and a gentle person (probably not linguistically precise, but for the sake of discussion).

  • Sensitive man. Has higher than average emotional intelligence. Reads the emotional state in situations well and knows how to react accordingly.
  • Gentle man. Easy to hurt emotionally. A word, a look, a tone of voice might get to him, and it’s hard for him to ignore and move on. Takes everything to heart.

After these definitions, it goes without saying that a gentle man is almost always perceived as a beta male. It’s hard to see a different picture: Can you imagine an attractive, dominant and fun alpha male who sheds a tear because someone told him to shut up? Not a chance.

How to Fix

The best way to develop emotional resilience is to get used to criticism and hurtful comments, plain and simple.

Today we’re so protected, more than ever in history. Boys don’t usually grow in a tough male environment. They’re constantly supervised by a mother, a nanny and a female teacher. Men in the past were certainly much tougher than what we’re used to see around us, and negative words or gestures didn’t weren’t a big deal.

To get yourself into an aggressive environment and get used to it, you can shoot a video and express your opinion on a controversial topic (politics, religion, gender, etc.). Once it’s ready, post it on a social media where you’ll get quick exposure – and prepare for the fuming responses.

I’m deliberately insisting you shoot a video clip. When a person is being “attacked” about his text comment, it’s still easy for him to feel anonymous. It’s also impossible to comment on something other than his text – which is excellent for creating a civilized discussion, but to extract some evilness out of people? Definitely not. You want people to make comments of every kind – about your looks, your family, the ugly house you shoot from and your stupid opinion.

Absorb and toughen up. At some point, mean comments will stop hurting you and it’ll actually get somewhat amusing. Remember: what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

12. Keeping Eye-Contact is Difficult

The inability to focus on the eyes of the person in front of you, usually signifies one of two things:

  1. You don’t care what the other person is talking about.
  2. You are completely insecure.

If you identify with the first one, scroll down to the next beta sign. This has nothing to do with your social status. Most men fit the second option – insecurity.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Whether or not this is true, it definitely describes what we feel. People who lie have a hard time maintaining normal eye contact (and since this behavior has been published in research, criminals have begun to stare too long at the investigators’ eyes to seem honest).

The eyes provide a tremendous amount of information about our emotional state. We feel that, and if we have something to hide or just feel unworthy, normal eye contact becomes a really difficult task.

How to Fix

Start by talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Diversify the topics and their emotional baggage. When you feel comfortable looking at yourself in the eyes for a while, move on to regularly chat with a family member or a close friend that you feel fully comfortable with. Slowly get out of the communicational comfort zone until you’re able to maintain good eye contact (aspire for 70% of the conversation) with total strangers.

Note: Your order of comfortability may go the other way around: Difficulty making eye contact with those close to you, and easiness with strangers. In such a situation, simply reverse the order of gradation. From absolute strangers, to acquaintances, to friends and up to those closest to you.

By the way, it is possible that the difficulty stems from something concrete that you’re hiding. If so, consider opening the unpleasant subject with the relevant people. I’m sure you will feel tremendous relief and the way to being alpha will be much simpler for you.

13. You Consume More than Create

This directly relates to lack of ambitions and goals. A man with a big purpose in his life tends to focus on achieving it whenever he has free time. It’s constantly on his mind and something inside him won’t settle down until he gets it. In the vast majority of cases, the goal is financial. For example, to invent an application that does X and get rich from it.

When it comes to consumerism, your mind can only be in one situation at a given time:

  1. You don’t care what the other person is talking about.
  2. You are completely insecure.

Most of the beta male’s time is spent on consumption. The main reason is that he has nothing to offer the world, nothing to invent or create. He prefers to give his money and experience the work of others. There’s nothing wrong with this, inherently. The problem is that this isn’t alpha behavior.

As I said above, dominant and strong men tend to be very ambitious. It’s easy to see the contradiction between ambition to create an ingenious product or economic growth, and the use of available time to mainly consume other people’s products.

How to Fix

Get yourself a project that lights you up and do your best to make it a reality. Here are some ideas to get started with:

  • Academic study with a research question that intrigues you.
  • Application / software that solves a problem.
  • Website on a topic that interests you.
  • Shoot instructional videos about something you’re good at.
  • Build / fix something at home.

When you’re eager and focused on your productive goal, you will naturally consume less (that means more money in your wallet). But something even bigger will come to you: The understanding that you have the discipline and power to create. It sounds silly, but many people don’t believe that they can build something from scratch. If you reach this realization – the way to the next invention will be very short. Another step towards becoming an alpha.

14. Most of Your Interests Are Detached from Reality

A well-known beta attribute is activities that involve an escape from reality.

It’s important to understand that an alpha male also makes some time for leisure, relaxation and consumption. Still, a huge part of the leisure time of the attractive and dominant men is devoted to communicating with other people. This is in contrast to the many possibilities offered today as leisure time:

  • Series.
  • Movies.
  • Video games.
  • Comics.
  • Music.

Why would a beta be more interested in these things, as opposed to meeting people and talking to them? Because they contain an element of escape from reality. I’m not saying this judgmentally, I’m also a moderate consumer of those – but that’s the truth. They’re all designed for detachment from everyday life, and people enjoy it very much.

As with many things, there’s no intrinsic evil here. Still, it’s important to ask yourself: Why does an alpha tend to spend time with people instead of on these stimuli?

How to Fix

The reasons that answer the previous question will help you understand the advantage of reality and communication over fantasy:

  1. Conservation and improvement of status. To maintain your status as an alpha male, it’s always good to prove yourself over and over in your company, group and other groups.
    The beauty is that dominant men don’t see it as a tedious task, for them it is fun and easy to maintain their status. And why not? After all, they go out with friends, laugh a lot, eating or drinking something on the road – and they also gained the strengthening of the group’s foundations by meeting-up and further establishing their status at the top of the social hierarchy. A pleasure in every respect.
  2. Practice social skills. Interpersonal communication becomes better with experience. By going out with friends, a man could get better at communicating with people around him. It’s always a huge plus, and the better a person is in interpersonal communication – the more he tends to gain the trust of people around him. It means more opportunities: professional, romantic, social, etc. And as I said above: for him it’s just seen as having fun.

Now it’s easy to see the difference between spending time in reality and spending time in another world. Alpha usually prefers pastime that relates to his life directly.

You may respond to this: “Well, alphas have good lives, no wonder reality is fun”. And I will answer to this with the egg and the chicken: Maybe the alpha has spent time in reality and therefore his life is good? Sounds much more likely to me.

15. You Dislike Successful People

When you look at a very successful person (financially or romantically), alpha and beta have a completely different perspective. For a beta, a successful person is:

  1. Lucky.
  2. Aggressive.
  3. Greedy.
  4. Probably unhappy.

For an alpha, that person is portrayed in a different light:

  1. Disciplined.
  2. Ambitious.
  3. Goes all the way.
  4. Role model / admirable person.

Which of the two observers, in your opinion, will have more success in life?

How to Fix

There can be many reasons why a man is bitter toward successful people. The most common is a lack of belief in the ability to achieve similar results. When you believe that you have no power to make a real change in life, the natural reaction is to be bitter about it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s divide the situation into two:

  • Things you can control.
  • Things you really can’t control.

The secret is to take advantage of every piece of life which you have some control over, and channel it to your advantage. All the while ignoring the things you have zero control over.

Weak men see a difficulty of every opportunity. Strong men see an opportunity In every difficulty. Always strive to use all the resources you have, and will always doubt whether these are all the resources.

The problem of most people today is the belief that there are too many things out of their control. I have no doubt that you’ve said to yourself countless times in the past that you can’t do something, although you clearly could – just didn’t want bad enough.

This way of thinking invades our consciousness more and more, leaving us with a sense of helplessness. Do not fall to this. If you see a man who’s more successful than you at some field, turn to him and ask what he’s doing to be so successful. There is no shame in this, and he will probably be very flattered – no downside.

You will learn a lot if you approach successful people modesty and agree to learn from them. Most of them will be happy to help you. Most men have an ego that’s too fragile to ask for help, and they’re the ones who stay behind in the end.

16. You Don’t Exercise Regularly

Although I’ve known in my life alpha males that don’t train at a gym, I have not yet known an alpha who doesn’t do any form of exercise regularly.

Sport has a huge impact on quality of life, physically and mentally. As time goes on, more and more benefits of frequent physical activity are being discovered – the amount of positive findings for so many areas of life has got to the point where it’s even… suspicious.

However, there’s no real reason to think otherwise, movement and exertion were an inseparable part of our daily life until about 200 years ago. This fact is even more relevant for men. The body was a particularly valuable asset for us, men. It’s no wonder that exercising is rewarding in so many ways.

An alpha male, in almost 100% of the cases, exercises in one way or another.

How to Fix

Start small. Find a niche that intrigues you and can be performed at-least 3 times a week (that means snowboarding isn’t a good choice). Here are some ideas to give you inspiration and direction:

  • Soccer.
  • Basketball.
  • Football.
  • Gym.
  • Swimming.
  • Running.
  • Cycling.
  • Martial arts.
  • Parkour.

It’s better to have a friend who is training regularly on some kind of exercise. It’s not easy to get into a new type of sport, especially if you’ve never exercised regularly. With a friend, you’ll be able to make a soft landing and get accustomed to this new world.

If you don’t have a friend who does sports (why are you surrounded by beta males?), choose an interesting field and take a friend with you to get in this together. Not only will it drive you to adhere, you may also train together outside activity hours and improve quickly.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to do sports. There’s a reason why there are so many “sports fanatics” – it’s truly addictive. Requires discipline, certainly. But when you find your niche and stick to it for some time – you won’t be able to stop.


I really hope I gave you concepts on whether and how much you are a beta male. Some of the signs are distinct beta qualities / behaviors, some – not so much. I chose them carefully.

I put in a little more article links than I planned in the signs and their “How to Fix” section. Some subjects are crucial to extend while keeping the article clear and concise. I suggest you take a look at the links and other content in the blog.

I’m sure you got a clearer image of a dominant, attractive man, now that know how his opposite looks, behaves and thinks. As long as you’re on a conscious way to being an alpha male – I did my part.

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